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PDMS provides management solutions for sports organisations. Peter Dale Writer promotes his fiction available on Amazon ebooks.

We provide management services to sports organisations. Peter Dale has worked with most NSOs and many RSOs and is an accomplished sports administrator.

Peter has worked with most NSO's including NZ Rugby, NZ Rugby League and NZ Golf. He specializes in analysing management and governance practices and advises on potential improvements in performance. He has also undertaken reviews of national rugby unions for the IRB.

A former CEO of the Hillary Commission for Recreation and Sport, Peter has worked in private practice since 2001. His most recent tasks have been to provide a major review of the future for Boxing NZ resulting in a revamp of its governance and operations; and a major review of the National Premier Championship for NZ Rugby League resulting in significant changes to the way the championship is conducted.

For larger tasks Peter can call on a number of highly qualified specilists in the business of sport. His style is low key and results-oriented.

Peter Dale is also a writer of fiction based on provincial life in NZ.. You can buy his books on Amazon.

You can read more of his works available free here


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    PDMS provides management and governance solutions to NZ Sports Organisations. Peter has worked with most NSO's including  NZ ...


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